Welcome to the ethno village Stara Lonja

You can go for a walk, cycle, do sports in a meadow (football, volleyball, badminton, traditional bowling), rent a boat on the Sava and Stara Sava, go fishing, prepare food by yourselves, or we can help you prepare dishes by the open fire or in a traditional oven in an old hay barn made into a rustic restaurant, and we can take you fishing or on a trip anywhere in Lonjsko Polje or surrounding countryside.


  • three two-bed studio apartments with accompanying bathrooms and kitchenettes
  • a double bed apartment for two (44 square metres)
  • two houses with two interconnected bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette
  • sixteen beds all together
  • you can prepare food in all the rooms as well as in the apartment

-we organize different trips and tours of numerous nature and cultural attractions

-fishing tourism


-numerous cycling and hiking tracks

-boat trips

Price list:

  • two-bed studio apartment : € 55, 10% discount for a ten days booking
  • the two-bed big apartment (furniture made in 1892) €70, 10% discount for a seven day booking
  • the for-bed house with two interconnected bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette; €100, 10% discount for a seven day booking
  • renting a boat : €3 per hour, €20 per day
  • renting a bicycle: €2,5 per hour, €15 per day
  • hiring a fishing guide: €70 per day, €35 half a day
  • guided fishing tour on a motor boat: €100 per day, €50 half a day
  • photo safari: €100 per day, €50 half a day
  • fishing school (learn to catch catfish in a traditional way) three days €100 (four hours a day)
  • boat trip: €15 per hour, €100 per day

Canoe safari in Lonjsko polje

(Experience something new)

Come to Lonjsko polje and enjoy intact nature, canoeing with your friends or family. Spend unforgettable moments in real wilderness, away from civilization, breathing clean air, rowing in canoes. Take photos of horses, cows and wild animals: scenes that you will carry with you for the rest of your life and tell your friends about them. Canoe safaris are for people of all ages and different fitness. There are routes from 5 to 35 kilometres, depending on your preferences and physical strength. You will be rowing downstream, so there is no need to frequent the gym beforehand. Also, there is no real danger of capsizing because these are lowland rivers. After the safari have a rest and refresh yourselves with traditional home cooking in Ethno Village Stara Lonja.

Canoe safari with a guide :

  • (5-10 km) – adults 170 HRK (€ 23), children under 12 year 120 HRK (€ 16)
  • (10-20 km) – adults 200 HRK (€ 27), children under 12 year 150 HRK (€ 20)
  • (20-35 km) – adults 220 HRK (€ 30), children under 12 year 170 HRK (€ 23)
  • lunch for adults 75 HRK (€ 10)
    lunch for children 50 HRK (€ 7)

    An hour of renting a canoe (including transport to and from the desired location) 60 HRK (€ 8) per person, minimum time 2 hours, each hour following that time will be charged 30 HRK (€ 4)

    Dishes: traditional  cuisine

    • breakfast: €6
    • lunch: € 7-13
    • dinner: € 7-13

    Accommodation tax: €0.55

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    - canoe safari
    - by bikes to horses
    - trips to villages
    - fishing trips
    - to forester's cottage
    - photo safari
    - traditional fishing lessons
    - along the old bed of the
       Lonja River
    - by boats to horses


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