By car

You can come to Lonja from several directions. If you are coming from Zagreb you can go via Sisak or you can drive down the motorway to Popovača. When you get off the motorway turn right. Drive along for about 10 kilometres and if you want to come to Lonja via Svinjičko turn left at the road sign. This route is interesting because there is a macadam road going through the woods for approximately 5 kilometres. You will come to the main road once again in the village of Gušće. Turn left and drive along until you come to Lonja.

If you want to avoid the macadam road, don’t turn left at the Svinjičko road sign. Keep on driving in the direction of Sisak, instead. Turn left at the first crossroads just before going into Sisak. Drive along for about 5 minutes and turn left at the big crossroads (13 kilometres from the Popovača toll-house). Drive along this road, going by the Sava River, and you will get to Lonja.

You can come to Lonja from the direction of Novska via Jasenovac. Turn right at the crossroads to enter the village of Jasenovac and follow the road which goes by the Sava River until you get to Lonja. The road follows the Sava all the way, so that is a good landmark showing you that you are going in the right direction.
There is another route to come to Lonja form Novska via Stara Subocka and Plesmo. Drive through Plesmo, go over the bridge over the Strug and turn right at the crossroads in the village of Krapje. When you turn right at the crossroads you are in the same road coming from Jasenovac, so drive along until you come to Lonja.

By bus

You can come to Lonja by bus from the direction of Sisak. The line is quite good since there are several buses going to Lonja and back during the day.

Follow the map, read the signposts and see you in Lonja for a drink.

Bon voyage!

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