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Lonjsko Polje is a unique nature park in the south-eastern Europe and the largest protected area in Croatia as well as the entire Danube drainage basin. Conservation of nature and countryside along with the flora and fauna of the wetland habitat is of national as well as international importance. Lonjsko Polje is the home of more than 250 bird species, and plants extinct in the rest of Europe: Four Leaf Clover (Marsilea quadrifolia), deer, beavers, white herons, imperial and white-tailed eagles, ferruginous ducks, black storks terns, and above all white storks with one of the most populous habitats from the village of Čigoć to the village of Lonja, just to name a few. The vast area of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is largely covered by wetland forests (60% of the area), then wetland pasture grounds and grasslands (around 30%) and water, rural and farming areas cover the smallest portion of the whole area of the park (around 10%).



- canoe safari
- by bikes to horses
- trips to villages
- fishing trips
- to forester's cottage
- photo safari
- traditional fishing lessons
- along the old bed of the
   Lonja River
- by boats to horses


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